Who are we?

HELLA is a family-owned company, focused on the development and production of components for the automotive industry and the spare parts trade, represented in more than 35 countries.

Technical center

We develop light techniques for the whole group. With more than 500 engineers, we are one of the largest centers outside the headquarters of the parent company.

Information technology

Globally, we support other plants worldwide.


We produce headlamps and rear lamps for automobiles. Regularly we obtain new production orders for increasingly complex products from prestigious customers.

Support department

We provide overall functioning and professional support in the area of human, financial, material and non-material resources.

Technology with vision

We have a vision ...

„We want to build and maintain a key position throughout the entire group HELLA as well as with customers.“

... and we know how to do it

A prerequisite of our uniqueness are people, without their knowledge, skills, innovative approach and efforts, we would never have achieved such success.

Our branches

What do you probably not know about HELLA?

1. Produce nearly 20,000 pieces of products per day, a year, it makes 5 million pieces of headlight and 2 million pieces of rear lamps.
2. The current number of employees is around 3,500 and in the future we intend to grow the other by approximately 500 people.
3. We are actively engaged with hundreds of suppliers from around the world. We carry out the order of about 10,000 operations a year just shopping for HELLA Mohelnice.
4. For about half a year our accounting department accounts over 62,000 pieces of invoices, ie. 7,750 invoices per month. Department of Transportation makes during the half-year over 8500 shipments.
5. In the business year 2014/2015, there were registered 176 new business partners.
6. Since 2.1.2016 we provide metal plating by stainless steel and chrome from a 3D printer.
We have come a really long way...
Exportér roku
„Since 2011 regularly we win award Exporter of the Year in the Olomouc region.“
Zaměstnavatel roku 2018
Podnik roku