Why to us

HELLA is a family-owned company, focused on the development and production of components for the automotive industry and the spare parts trade. Apart from that, HELLA develops street lighting, industrial lighting and products for special types of vehicles in the Special Applications segment. In addition, complete modules, air conditioning units and on-board networks for cars originate in joint ventures with our partners.


working hours 37,5 hours a week
flexible working hours and five weeks of holiday
a wide selecting of benefits according to one’s preference - so-called cafeteria
pension scheme contribution
new factory canteen and catering allowance
corporate events and much more
childbirth allowance
non-repayable loan in a difficult life situation
reward for the patron's or internal supervisor's performance
teambuilding account
wedding allowance
paid time off at milestone anniversaries
personal assistant in the field of psychology, law and health
HELLA university
milestone anniversary reward
unpaid time off for parents during school holidays
health care
free charging station for electric bicycles and scooters

How our company looks like

Work-life balance

HELLA is trying to balance the private life and working life of its employees.

Many of our employees have flexible working hours, which are specified in that each employee should be in the workplace between 9 a.m. and 2 p.m., in other words they can adjust their working hours to best combine it with their personal life.
In individual cases, due to the nature of the employee’s job, the option of using working from home, so-called homeoffice, is used as a solution.

We support primary and nursery schools

We think about our future and so we pay attention to our little ones! Our aim is to financially and methodically support primary and nursery schools with our employees’ children. We offer excursions to production and an interactive presentation of our company and we support other similar events for children gifted in the technical fields in order to find and support the natural predisposition for technical thinking of children and youngest pupils to further direct them to selected high schools in the technically oriented field.

Free time activities

We also gradually include various free time activities into the work activities. We traditionally hold sport tournaments, we also support summer music festivals and last but not least, the traditional Gala Ball.

More in the events calendar

New project AURA

A programme of employee free time activities, within which one can receive a financial contribution for the development and support of organizations in which the employees actively participate during their free time. These could be the case of sports, social, cultural, educational or humanitarian organizations (hobby groups, voluntary firefighter units, sport clubs, animal shelters etc.)

Mohelnice and the region

The town of Mohelnice currently has almost 10,000 inhabitants and is definitely not solely an industrial town but a town with many interesting sights. Due to its location in the beautiful nature, it is also a place to discover many natural curiosities. There are also plentiful options of sport and cultural life.


It is possible to travel to the town through the Prague - Olomouc railway line or via various bus connections, alternatively by your own means of transport via the highway junction from Olomouc.


Mohelnice is located in the imagined triangle between the castles Bouzov, Úsov and Mírov. The not so far town of Loštice surely belongs to important tourist destinations, famous for their tvarůžky cheese as well as the Bílá Lhota arboretum, the Mladeč Caves and the beautiful natural scenery of Litovelské Pomoraví. The tourist destinations are interconnected by a dense network of walking paths and cycling lanes.

Tourist map


Cultural life is varied and offers theatre and film performances, there is a cinema, a museum and also a library. An indisputable part of the culture of the town is the music events FingersUP and Mohelnický dostavník, supported by HELLA, Mohelnice.


There is a wide selection of sport possibilities as well. You can find a swimming pool in the city, a tennis hall and courts, you can play squash, go bowling or visit the MX Arena, where the traditional motocross is ridden.