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Not only specialists in development, cutting edge technologies and continuously improving production processes are responsible for Hella’s success.
All the other supporting departments operating throughout the whole company are also important.

Human Resources
From what?
Purchasing Department
For how much?
Finance and Controlling Department
Building administration

Who we are looking for?

Each department has specific requirements from its team members, yet always look for people who are proactive, flexible, communicative, have good knowledge of English as well as advanced computer skills. Workers in these departments communicate with everybody inside the company but also represent the company outside - they deal with prospective candidates, customers, suppliers, so mainly personal characteristics are important.

List of job positions:

Inženýr/-ka dodavatelské kvality (SQA)
Branch: Kvalita a kontrola jakosti, Nákup
Locality: Mohelnice
Zkušební technik ve světelné laboratoři
Branch: Technika a vývoj, Výroba a průmysl
Locality: Mohelnice
Branch: Prodej a obchod, Výroba a průmysl
Locality: Mohelnice
PLC Programátor
Branch: Elektrotechnika a energetika, IS/IT: Vývoj aplikací a systémů
Locality: Horka nad Moravou, Mohelnice
Procesní a Produktový Specialista
Branch: Elektrotechnika a energetika, Technika a vývoj
Locality: Mohelnice
Inženýr/-ka kvality (post-sériová výroba)
Branch: Kvalita a kontrola jakosti
Locality: Horka nad Moravou, Mohelnice
Specialista produktového portfolia (Portfolio Manažer)
Branch: Ekonomika a podnikové finance, Prodej a obchod, Výroba a průmysl
Locality: Mohelnice
Vedoucí plánování logistiky
Branch: Doprava, logistika a zásobování, Vrcholový management
Locality: Mohelnice
Specialista/Specialistka plánování výroby
Branch: Doprava, logistika a zásobování, Výroba a průmysl
Locality: Mohelnice
HELLA Trainee – metodika a školení projektového řízení
Branch: Technika a vývoj, Vzdělávání a školství, Výroba a průmysl
Locality: Mohelnice

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What is the selection procedure?

Our selection process is usually divided into multiple rounds. In the first round there is interview with the future leaders about all aspects of the work. That's usually followed by another round where the candidates have a great chance to show their knowledge, skills and become familiar with the atmosphere in the team working environment, but also to recognize some of its members.

Candidate pre-selection
The first meeting with candidates suitable for the position, interviews and other selection methods
1st round of the selection procedure
Selecting the most suitable candidate
Another meeting, an invitation to discuss specific terms
2nd round of the selection procedure
Presenting an employment offer
Offer acceptation, onboarding preparation
(in case of rejection will contact the next best candidates)
Closing the selection procedure, notifying all the candidates who did not succeed