The largest department in the company Hella filled with technology and top experts

  • contact with the most up-to-date technologies in the automotive industry field
  • many new contacts with interesting people
  • non-stereotypical work
  • travel, communication in a foreign language
  • fast personal growth
  • brilliant team

We manufacture one of the most advanced headlamps of today.

Who are we looking for?

Do you enjoy traveling, meeting new people and communicating in a foreign language is not a problem for you? Are you interested in seeing the results of your work and you are not afraid of responsibility and working in a team? In that case, we are looking for you and we guarantee that you will certainly not be bored at work. It does not matter whether you are a student or an experienced matador, the desire to learn new things, reliability and self-sufficiency is what is important.

List of job positions:

Branch: Výroba a průmysl, Strojírenství, Technika a vývoj
Locality: Mohelnice
Procesní inženýr - montáž (Manufacturing Engineer)
Branch: Strojírenství, Technika a vývoj, Výroba a průmysl
Locality: Mohelnice
Projektový manažer série
Branch: Technika a vývoj, Výroba a průmysl
Locality: Mohelnice
Vedoucí provozu - pobočka Horka nad Moravou
Branch: Výroba a průmysl, Strojírenství, Vrcholový management
Locality: Horka nad Moravou
Branch: Strojírenství, Výroba a průmysl
Locality: Mohelnice
Výrobní inženýr pro elektro-optické testy
Branch: Elektrotechnika a energetika, Technika a vývoj, Výroba a průmysl
Locality: Mohelnice

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We have had a number of successes
  • success in the industry
  • continuously reducing manufacturing tolerances
  • first worldwide full LED headlamp manufactured
  • high degree level of standardization and automation
  • latest and advanced technology
  • a very fast growing company (the best employer in the Olomouc region, the fastest growth)

What is the selection procedure?

Our selection process is usually divided into multiple rounds. In the first round there is interview with the future leaders about all aspects of the work. That's usually followed by another round where the candidates have a great chance to show their knowledge, skills and become familiar with the atmosphere in the team working environment, but also to recognize some of its members.

Candidate pre-selection
The first meeting with candidates suitable for the position, interviews and other selection methods
1st round of the selection procedure
Selecting the most suitable candidate
Another meeting, an invitation to discuss specific terms
2nd round of the selection procedure
Presenting an employment offer
Offer acceptation, onboarding preparation
(in case of rejection will contact the next best candidates)
Closing the selection procedure, notifying all the candidates who did not succeed